Sabata (master_sabata) wrote in letterstosabata,

My love, we seem to have had our share of bad expiriences. I wonder why were such good people?

Thank you for telling me everything hun.
I think in middle school, neither of us really knew where we belonged, and we just went with what we thought we wanted. It is the past though, and we shouldn't focus on it. While we should continue to talk about it, and admit our misdeads, so as to know everything about eachother but, just because we talk about them them, doesn't mean we should dwell on them at the same time. Im still very glad you stopped doing pot though. By the way my dear,that isn't annorexia, though it is a form of sickness. It's addiction. People say you can't get addicted to pot, and you can't, not to pot, but to the feeling of it, and it can be, and is very addicting. I'm glad you decided to come down the right path, even if it was after 5 wrong ones. I hope, with me around, you will never stray from the right path again my dear. I don't beleive you shall though. Because I believe in you, and trust you my love. Remember, we have all made bad choices, but we don't have to live with it forever. I have a feeling, that talking about our pasts with eachother, will help us get over what we have done, and the choices we have made. Just think, how can we dwell on our pasts so much, when we have such a grand and beautifull future, down the right path. Together.
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