Sabata (master_sabata) wrote in letterstosabata,

I want to be there, be lying behind you, holding you close when you awake from those dreams.........

You should tell me your dreams. You mustn't worry about scaring me, nor embarrassing yourself. Really talking this out will help. I don't want you waking up in cold sweats anymore, I don't want to worry about you anymore my dear. I just want you to be happy again. I want you to have your old fun dreams, your wild and funny dreams. I want you to sleep peacefully and get all the rest you need, and I don't want you to have to wait untill I am sleeping next to you, for those dreams to stop.
I am so sorry that I can't help more than this. Im doing everything I can, really I am. I just want to help so badly, and I know that we can make all this better in time.
I love you dear, and I will always love you. No matter what. I know that we'll fix this all. I love you with all my heart...
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