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Dear Sabata

HAHA! Yes your so right, my dear Sabata.

I hate regret. Its really useless but necissery. Do you understand? Sabata, I'm feeling so much better. Now that mostly everything is out on the table. It's a load off one's chest. To have someone know. I'm sorry I didn't tell you earlier. You told me a long time ago, Sabata, that if i ever did drugs, you wouldn't love me anymore. It scared me to death. Keeping it hiden was all i could do. It killed me inside everytime i thought of it.

i havn't since a looong loong time. The last time, which I was pressures into (LIKE ALICE) was and always WILL BE my last time. Even if we weren't together, I wouldnt ever try them again.

Sabata! I love you dearly.

I guess with me, i don't like dwelling on something, unless its bothering me, and then I just have to dwell until someone is ready enough to listen to me, so i can stop. do you understand me Sabata? Or is this just illogical?

Oh dear. Oh Sabata. Cutting. A Topic we must discuss sometime.

♥ Yumi
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