Sabata (master_sabata) wrote in letterstosabata,

My dear, here is why snow, and love are so alike..

Well it really is like snow. On the surface, it seems so inconvenient, so un necisary, but looking deep, you find all the wonderous things about it. Like the feeling of cuddling up on a cold winter day or the feeling of watching a single snow flake fall onto your palm. So many people jsut look at the surface of love, much like snow, and don't get all the amazing beauty behind it. Thats what I thought anyways.
I loke the way you think of it, it makes more sense than mine. Though I guess we're really saying the same thing, well in a way. Anywyas you made perfect sense my sweet yumi.Im glad you wanted to carry some of the weight. It means alot to me that you would care enough to do that, and I'd do the same for you. I can't say that Im glad you had nightmares, but it really showes how much you cared then, and how much you do now. It really did hurt alot. More than I think I can ever describe in words, but, with your help I have begun feeling ever so much better about what happend long ago.
It really is funny, how we would tell eachoter small peices of the truth, like "I smoked" well, yeah I did but I didn't tell you it was for close to two years. Im glad we've told eachother the truth now though, it feels good to know that you would tell me such sensative information. We are quite close my dear,, so close that it's not near impossible to separate, it IS impossible... I love now you and forever my sweetest.
I like how you say "it's like were swen together" it fits just perfectly, cus it really is like that. Heh it is a thick string my dear, andit shall never, ever be cut.

Love is something all to often overlooked. Maybe we'll make them see. Just maybe...
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