Yumi (bleedingxinside) wrote in letterstosabata,

Lovely Sabata, and Friend

Hello again Sabata. I am writing to you.. because I just realized something.

Earler months, I realized why we never wanted to tell eachother we were sad and depressed. Well of course, Sabata, the whole feelings thing comes into play. but you know what else? The thing that really got to me? Sabata, I realized that I was trying to convince myself otherwords, because I thought, that you were supposed to be happy all the time. well, Sabata, doesn't that sound like it is totally right? It did to me,. Then again my love, my Sabata, your more logical and smarter than I.

then I realized, Sabata.That thaat is impossible. No one can be happy ALL the time, not without lying to themselves and others, and only deepening the depression hole of doom. So really, any budding couple, that thinks they will be happy all the time, should know that they won't. Because that is achieving the impossible. Its either for, friends, family, past, fights. Bad things start with F don't thy Sababta? Wait no... I can think of one good word. Do you know what word I'm thinking about Sababta (^_^)

Oh about Ryan Sabata, gosh, about Ryan. I'm sorryhe is acting so weird. It's making me feel a tad uncomfortable when he asks me to do stuff, don't ever tell him Sabata. I just, get this odd feeling about it. Like hes interested in me or something. Maybe he is maybe he isn't It's jsut weird. I'm sorry your jealous. I'm trying to keep my distance with him, without being a total bitch. What do you want me to do about it Sabata,?
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