Sabata (master_sabata) wrote in letterstosabata,

Oh my love, my sweet sweet Yumi, you think you hurt me, but really.. you set me free.

Hun your letter didn't hurt me in the least bit. It really did make me feel good. It showed you cared, showed how much you love me, and how much I mean to you. It made me feel so great.
I really cannot wait to go to school with you, let along live with you. Both will be amazing expiriences and both make me so giddy to think about. Yes, I said giddy. Ehehe. Anyways I must say I will really enjoy school with you. I can't wait to meet up with you every moring before class, then eat lunch with ya, and then spend time after school. Gosh it will really be great. It will help me at school to, because now, at school, I get so lonely and sad... but there I know I'll be seeing you in just an hour or so, and it'll makes things a WHOLE lot more bearable. Because currently, they aren't. I hate leaving you, it makes me so sad. Whenever Ieave your house, or you get picked up, I just want to (and most of the time do) burst into tears. When we live together, I promise life will be alot better than it is now. I'll always be sleeping right behind you when you have a bad dream, I'll always be just inches away when you need a shoulder to cry on. I know it wont solve everything, but it'll help alot, I know it. I know how you feel about the love songs babe. Alot of songs remind me of you as well. Not really even set ones, just randomly sometimes I'll hear a song, and think of you instantly, and it makes me tear up.
Someday I know that feeling will go away. I was unhappy with you around, cus I didn't tell you my problems, and it hurt to keep things from you, but I just didn't wanna scare you off, so I kept to myself. Now that I've told you it all, and we've talked it out, I feel so much better. You've taken ever so much weight off my shoulders. Gosh I felt like Atlas with how much I was carrying, but you came along, and just took it all away, and I feel just.. wonderfull. (heh and the backrubs helped too) but really, you've just made my life so perfect, you really shouldnt be sad. You've taken all my negative feelings and just.. turned them to happiness.
Baby, you really shouldn't worry about my friends. I really hate them. If they would do what they did to me, for going out with a person of my choosing, I don't want them as friends anyways. Really I don't want you feeling bad over that. It WASN'T YOUR FAULT. They said they were fine with you, but I decided to leave anyways, cus they are all jerks. So please don't think that your fault. Im sorry I was running babe. I had alot to run from... but you've taken that all away, and I don't have to run anylonger. We can settle down now.. and plant our garden.. for never again will I have to run.......
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