Sabata (master_sabata) wrote in letterstosabata,

My sweet, My lovely, My Yumi. The one star in the night that is my life.

It's ok about your last entry my lovely. I really like that song as well. I was listening to it alot earlier this evening. Im glad that my letter cheered you up. It was meerly me expressing my thoughts in the best way I could though. I deserve no thanks. Hehe. I see you can't stop thinking about me without clothes, heh I do the same about you. Gosh you have a gorgeous body. Everything about it is just ever so amazing. You are just the perfect girl my dear. Your mind is sharp as a tack, youre body beautifull as the night sky, your voice like that of an angel. Gosh I just can't beleive that you are so amazing. You know whats more amazing though? that a perfect soul like you loves me. Gosh I feel so blessed to have you. Don't worry about your entry's being "off". Heh I have entry's like that myself, we both know we think that way (^_~) hehe. I love you so much my lovely. You are the most wonderful thing to ever happen to me. I really can't wait to start a familly with you my sweet. It will be ever so nice. Gosh I can't stop thinking about it. Ehehehe sorry if Im thiking to far ahead, I just really like the though of us having, and being a familly. Well Im gonna go. Till next we meet... my sweetest.... I love you..
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