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Dear Sabata

To Answer your question.. No. I have told you everything. Well I will, im not done will my story. I made some bad choices in HS too. I respect you Sabata. You and your clean bloodstream. lol. Well obviously traces are gone. I still wish i hadn't, Sabata. Why was it middle school we made so many bad choices. So many things we did wrong. Do we have to regret things forever?

Sabata, my dear Sabata.
Have ever told you I was jealous of your past? Have you ever wondered why?

I went down the wrong path Sabata, like you. I went down the wrong path, like 5 times. You at least were getting money. Maybe not the best way, better than starving yourself. Sabata, 8th grade, my clean year, I ate. A little more than normal. Not like a horse or anything. I'm still suffering. I can't believe i ever stopped eating, for drug money! Was I sick? Is that Annorexic?

♥ Yumi
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